While browsing through the Smiles eSHop, you can view all your favourite rewards. Rewards displayed on the Smiles eSHop depends on the delivery destination selected. For visitors, the default delivery destination is United Arab Emirates; hence please change the country using country selector in the header of the page to see rewards offered in your delivery country. After you have added your rewards to the "Shopping cart", click on the "Review shopping cart and checkout” button to select your preferred points-plus-cash combination or to modify your reward selection. After finalizing the payment details, click the "Buy now button" to submit your order

For every successful transaction on Smiles eSHop using cash (credit or debit card), you will collect Smiles points. These points will be credited instantly in your Smiles account.

After you have selected the product for more information, on product details page, you will notice a slider, indicating how many points and cash is required for payment. Just below that you will notice the number of points you will earn, based on the cash amount selected in the slider. If you change the slider, the amount too, changes across.

You can spend your Smiles points across various sections on the Smiles app such as, Vouchers, Dining, Wellness, Entertainment, Travel, Etisalat offers, Devices or on Smiles eSHop.

In case a transaction where you have collected points, is to be refunded or cancelled, the Shop Operator will try to debit (deduct) the Smiles points from your account. In case of unsuccessful attempt, the Shop Operator will deduct the value of Smiles points from the cash amount spent during the transactions and the remaining amount would be refunded in your bank account.

You will earn points only on transactions done for products which are eligible for earning points as indicated on website, on the product details page
If you are already registered as a Smiles member and do not remember your password, you can reset your password via email. Select the link "Forgot my password" after clicking the "Login button" in the top right corner. Just type your email address provided at the time of registration. A password reset link will be sent to your email address.

You can check the status of all your orders under "My Transactions" tab of your Smiles eSHop account. Once logged in, click on "My Profile" and then "My Rewards" where you will find the "My transactions" tab.

Due to the variety of rewards, the shipping policy and terms may differ from reward to reward. Please check the specific policies under "Merchant Details" for the respective partner and the "Rules & Restrictions" for each specific reward. Please note that the delivery of certain products may involve custom, VAT or other charges, depending upon the shipping destination and the custom authorities of the destination country. Members might have to pay these charges to receive the delivery.

Generally, reward orders cannot be cancelled after the submission of your order, however please note that return policies may vary between reward merchants and that reward-specific terms & conditions may apply. In case of questions, please contact the respective merchant at the number stated in your order confirmation. In case reward cancellations are possible, please always contact the merchant directly to cancel the order. Only in this case your points will be refunded to your Smiles account. Additionally, please be advised that voucher orders/redemptions cannot be cancelled once placed and are not replaceable if lost, stolen, destroyed or expired.

For all "points & cash" orders on the Smiles shop you can pay with Visa and Mastercard. We use 3-D Secure Services (i.e. verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode) from our Wirecard payment gateway to process your online payment. For millions of people around the world, 3-D Secure is the way to pay - trusted and secure.

All "points & cash" orders are processed exclusively in CHF [Schweizer Franken], EUR [Euro], GBP [United Kingdom Pounds], AED [United Arab Emirates Dirhams], USD [United States Dollars] or INR [Indian Rupee] and your credit card will be charged accordingly. For your convenience, you can set a display currency on the Smiles shop which will make the purchase price for all rewards appear in your preferred currency, calculated at the current applicable currency exchange rate (for information purposes only).

Retail and points prices for rewards offered on the Smiles shop may vary according to the selected delivery destination. All reward prices are calculated daily and depends on respective currency exchange rates (provided by www.xe.com).

Etisalat PointsPay FAQ

PointsPay is a payment method which enables members of participating loyalty programs to make payments on participating online shops using their loyalty Smiles points or miles. Members of Etisalat are able to use PointsPay.

  • Browse and shops as usual in any participating online shop.
  • Choose PointsPay as your payment method when finalizing your order. You may see either the PointsPay logo or a co-branded logo containing both the PointsPay and Etisalat logos on the checkout page of the online shop.
  • You will then be re-directed to the PointsPay website. You must log in with your Etisalat account credentials, or create a PointsPay account, and choose whether to pay with Smiles points only, Smiles points+cash, or cash only. Whenever you spend any cash, you will earn Smiles points on the cash component.
  • You then simply confirm your transaction. You will then be returned to the online shop.

PointsPay is accepted at participating online shops. You can find the list here for Etisalat | PointsPay

Yes, if you do not have sufficient Smiles points in your Etisalat account you can opt to pay part of the amount in cash using your payment card and part of the amount using your Smiles points. Or you can pay entirely with your payment card. You will earn Smiles points on any cash component that you spend.

Yes. You can earn Smiles points within PointsPay when making part or all of your purchase using your payment card. The number of Smiles points that you will earn via PointsPay will be clearly indicated. The rate of earning Smiles points will vary from one online merchant to another, as it depends on the particular commercial arrangements with each merchant.

The number of Smiles points required for your purchase will be clearly displayed on the checkout page within PointsPay after logging-in.

If you require a refund, you must contact the online shop from where you made the purchase. Once the online shop issues the refund, your Etisalat account will be credited with Smiles points. If you also paid for part of the purchase within PointsPay using your payment card, this will also be refunded with cash as appropriate.

Please note that the online shop merchant may deduct any applicable service fee at the time of refund. This is at their discretion and the remainder amount is refunded into your Etisalat account, and payment card if appropriate.

You should receive the refund into your card/account within 2 to 7 business days from the date of the refund being executed by the respective online shop.

Please write an e-mail to support@pointspay.com and share the details of your issue, ideally including screenshot(s) with the email message. Please also include details of the online shop, the payment amount, your Etisalat no., and any other relevant details.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. For further assistance related to any login issue, please write an e-mail to support@pointspay.com and shares the details of your issue.